$35 Knockoff Apple Airpods: How Do The i7-TWS Hold Up?

So, the other day I purchased some knockoff Apple Airpods from Amazon.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the original Airpods, then this may work for you. The Apple Airpods on cost about $159. The knockoff wireless earbuds that I’m talking about cost only $35. That’s a huge difference.

Now it is true that you get what you pay for, so I am not going tell you that the $35 i7-TWS earbuds that I found on Amazon are better than the original Airpods, because that’s not true.

These earbuds are cheap, but you’ll be excited about what I learned about them.


I don’t have a problem with most earbuds- they fit well. I would say that these earbuds are an average-sized earbud (maybe a little larger than the original Airbuds sold by Apple)

They fit in my ear nicely and were relatively comfortable to wear. After a while, they did start to hurt a little bit, but I think it’s because I am not used to having earbuds in my ears.


The sound was pretty good for a pair of $35 wireless earbuds. I was surprised at how loud they got as well.

Though they are not the very best in quality, I wouldn’t say that these cheap earbuds were the worst earbuds on the market.

Surprisingly, they actually worked very well.


There are a couple of things that I didn’t like about these knock-off Airpods.

There is a blue flashing light that is continuously flashing when my iPhone is connected to them. This flashing blue light drove me crazy for a couple of reasons:

First, at night these small earbuds will light the entire room. My wife wasn’t that impressed when I was using them because in bed they were flashing in her face.

The second reason I wasn’t happy about the flashing light was that they look stupid.

You’re walking around a store, and you have blue flashing lights on your ears.

The original airpods have more features available to you then these knock-off brand as well (That just makes sense). Connecting to your phone wasn’t the most natural thing in the world, and the iPhone didn’t respond to them as well as I would have liked. They did connect and when the music was playing it sounded good.

The battery didn’t last that long – maybe 2 hours. When it was time to charge it took a couple of hours of charging to make it worth using them.

When trying to watch a video with the earbuds, it was impossible. The voice and video didn’t match up at all – it wasn’t even close. I sat down to watch a couple of Youtube videos and ended up just shutting it off because of the difference in audio and video.


These $35 Airpod knock-offs worked pretty well. I mean, they are terrible for video and weren’t as seamless as the Apple Airpods, but you have to remember that these are $35!!!!!

If you are looking for a pair of airbuds for music, then these will work well. I connected them to my iPhone in minutes and was listening to music in no time. The phone features are limited, and the battery isn’t as strong as it could be, but they’re not bad for $35.

Click here to head over to Amazon and pick up your $35 airbuds today.

7.3 Total Score
$35 Knockoff Apple Airpods

Durability - Is It Made Well? Usability - Is It Easy to Use? Affordability - Is It Worth the Price? Productivity - Does It Make Me More Productive?

Durability - Is It Made Well?
Usability - Is It Easy to Use?
Affordability - Is It Worth the Price?
Productivity - Does It Make Me More Productive?
  • Cheap
  • Good Sound
  • Blinking Blue Light Will Drive Someone Crazy
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