Children Learning Reading Review

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Children Learning Reading is a program designed to teach young children how to read. It is a comprehensive, step-by-step system that combines techniques to help children learn to read quickly and easily. The program was developed by Jim Yang, a former teacher and reading specialist, who has spent years researching and testing various methods of teaching children to read.

Components of the Program

The program consists of two main components: the guidebook and the accompanying audio lessons. The guidebook provides a clear and concise overview of the reading process, including the different stages of development, the importance of phonics, and the best methods for teaching children to read. The audio lessons provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to effectively teach children to read, including clear instructions, sample words, and sentences, and guided practice exercises.

The Importance of Phonics

The Children Learning Reading program is based on the principles of phonics, which is the study of the sounds of letters and how they combine to form words. The program teaches children to recognize the sounds of letters and then to blend those sounds together to form words. This approach is effective because it teaches children to decode words, which is a critical skill for reading.

Adaptability for Different Ages

One of the key advantages of Children Learning Reading is that it can be used with children of all ages, from toddlers to young children. This is because the program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to each child’s individual needs. For example, if a child is struggling with a particular sound or word, the program provides additional practice and support until the child is able to read it fluently.

Engaging and Fun for Children

The program is also designed to be fun and engaging for children. The audio lessons are designed to hold their attention, and the program includes various interactive activities and games to help reinforce the concepts being taught. This helps children to stay motivated and engaged in the learning process, which is vital for their success.

Easy for Parents and Teachers to Use

Another important aspect of Children Learning Reading is that it is designed to be easy for parents and teachers to use. The guidebook provides clear and concise instructions, and the audio lessons are carefully structured to ensure they are easy to follow.

This makes it possible for parents and teachers to effectively teach children to read, even if they have limited experience or knowledge of the reading process.

Conclusion: Is Children Learning Reading Worth it?

Whether Children Learning Reading is worth it depends on individual circumstances and needs.

The program has received positive feedback from many parents and teachers who have used it and have reported that it has helped their children to learn to read quickly and easily.

The comprehensive guidebook and audio lessons, combined with the flexible and engaging approach, make it a highly effective program for teaching young children to read.

However, as with any program, it may not be suitable for every child, and it’s important to evaluate individual needs and goals before deciding if it’s worth investing in.

It may be worth considering a trial of the program or seeking additional information and reviews to determine if it’s the right fit.


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