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REHub WordPress Theme Review: Real Life Example and Overall Thoughts

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Affiliate marketing is exploding in our world today. The fact that you can make a passive income by sitting at your laptop and building niche websites is incredible.

I know that the above statement is true because I have been learning all about a passive income online myself.

I have been building niche websites that earn over $1000 a month passively for years now. Niche websites are not hard to build, and its cost effective to begin an online business today.

In fact, this website (helporhype.com) reviews different products and services with affiliate marketing in mind.

The theme that I’m using for Help or Hype, and my other review niche websites is REHUB. I find it fitting that because this website reviews products and uses this theme, I should review it. There are lot’s of reviews of this theme on the world-wide web, but most of the people reviewing it haven’t even tested it or used it all. I use it every day.

So, is the REHub theme help or hype? Will it actually make you more money? Let’s get into it.

Helporhype.com is built using the REHub theme.

Rehub is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme that focuses on conversions. I guess you can say that the purpose statement of this theme is to make you more money by converting your website visitors into paying customers.

Before we go any further with this review, there is something that you need to know. The Rehub Theme is the real deal. In fact, it’s actually recommended as the top theme for affiliate marketing by Amazon itself.REHubBefore we go any further with this review, there is something that you need to know. The Rehub Theme is the real deal. In fact, it’s actually recommended as the top theme for affiliate marketing by Amazon itself.

Amazon’s Top Theme for Affiliate Marketing

Amazon recognizes it as a great theme for their associates program, and stamps their approval all over it.

But is it worth the $59 price tag? In this post, I will review the Rehub theme and give you my feedback after using it for several years.

Remember, this website is built using REHub.

What Does the REHub Theme Do?

The REHub theme is a hybrid theme – it can be used for almost any type of website.

If you’re looking to build a niche community, e-commerce, business directory, or company website – REHub can do it well.

9.1 Total Score
The Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketers

I have tested all the other WordPress themes on the market, but the Rehub theme is by far the best. It gives me all the features that I need to covert visitors into customers, and it’s a clean, professional design.

8.5Expert Score
9.7User's score
  • Tons of great features
  • Create “Best Lists” easily
  • Connects and works with content egg
  • Professional, clean design
  • Great support
  • Updates regularly
  • The options can be overwhelming
  • Learning curve
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Below are the most popular types of websites built with REHub.

  • Vendor site 
  • Community 
  • Directory
  • Comparison
  • Deal Site

REHub gives you full control of the back-end, with tons of options that allow you to change the look and feel of the theme completely.

The theme comes with several demos to get you started, and importing a demo into your project is easy to do.

  • ReMarket
  • ReCart
  • ReCompare
  • ReDeal
  • ReFashion
  • ReTour
  • RePick
  • ReCash
  • ReDokanNew
  • ReWise
  • ReVendor
  • ReThing
  • ReDirect
  • ReMag

The REHub theme has tons of options.

  • General Options
  • Appearance and Color
  • Logo and Favicon
  • Header and Menu
  • Footer Options
  • Mobile and AMP
  • Loop Customization
  • Shop Settings
  • Affiliate
  • Fonts
  • Global Enable and Disable
  • Ads and Code Zones
  • Reviews
  • Localization
  • User Options
  • BuddyPress Options
  • Dynamic Comparison
  • Custom Badges
  • Social Media Options
  • Utility

These options really give you the ability to customize the theme to go with your personal brand. Consider this website for a moment – notice I changed the color to match the logo and brand.

I love the control that you have with the design aspect of the theme, and I love that you can hide the date, comments, and page views on the meta in just a couple of clicks.

This theme is perfect for creating review websites, travel sites, or even e-commerce sites, with front-end editing capabilities.

What can REHub do? That’s the wrong question. It should be what can’t this theme build or do. 

Review Features

The feature that I love and use on this theme the most is the REVIEW with schema feature.

This feature allows you to review your products, adding PROS and CONS, descriptions, an overall score, and it’s all built into the theme.

It also has a built-in user score, so your readers can give their opinions about a certain product as well. The review feature works very well, and the design is remarkably clean.

Rehub Review Feature

At the bottom of this post you’ll find my review for this theme. You’ll notice that I can add different headers and then a score for each title. Each score will automatically be combined for an overall score. It works seamlessly and it’s easy to do.

You can create 5 different types of posts with this theme: regular, video, review, music and gallery.

Create different posts with Rehub

The integration of Content Egg allows me to connect to Amazon and other affiliate networks using an API code.

This gives me the ability to find products quickly and saves me a lot of time. It also neatly places the product at the end of the post in a clean, formatted offer box.

Content Egg with Rehub theme

I can also connect to Youtube and Google images, giving my article a complete experience. The possibilities of Content Egg are huge – you can add price trackers, have live prices, and so much more.

REHub offers awesome review features and gives you the option to create a dynamic review website.

The Design

This theme allows me build comparison charts and best lists quickly. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that will enable you to create “best lists” that look professional and convert, I would recommend the REHub WordPress theme.

No extra plugins are needed.

The theme makes it easy to create high-converting blog posts for your online business. Easily create Gutenberg Blocks and integrate them into your post or pages.

Rehub theme uses Gutenberg Blocks for building high-converting blog posts.

You can generate: offer boxes, review boxes, offer listings, verses tables, PROS and CONS, itineraries, promo boxes, sliders, pretty lists, headings, title boxes, and info boxes, with just a couple of clicks.

Third-Party Plugins

The REHub theme gives you the ability to partner with some amazing third-party plugins. 

You can create community functions with BuddyPress, create a multivendor store with WC Vendor, Dokan, WC Marketplace, and WCFM. Build an incredible reputations system using MyCred, add a store locator function with Geo My WordPress, and develop a paid membership system using WCFM

This theme also pairs nicely with WooCommerce, and setting up product comparison charts is simple to do. 


When it comes to design, the sky is the limit. With the power of Elementor, you can do even more with your landing pages and page designs. 

It comes with 40 custom Elementor modules with complete page control. You’re also going to get E-commerce demo styles, Elementor extended layouts and unique animations, and advanced custom areas for Elementor with a library of blocks. 

Best of all, the Rehub theme is totally optimized for mobile phones.

All of the charts and lists are responsive, with a neat, stylish design. 

Overall Design

The REHub theme is perfectly balanced between a modern design, powerhouse features, and speed and performance.

It has passed the advanced Envato security and code quality test and improves design and functionality every month.

The theme is also designed to display ads well. Ads are displayed in all the best places on your website: a sticky sidebar, content ads, branded pages, and before-post and in-post ads.

Placing ads is important for conversions, and REHub does it well (I love that they have a top of places for ads).

My Experience

I’ve tried several themes before, and all of them come short of the essential features for affiliate marketers, but REHub checks all of the boxes for me. With the other themes, I was spending lots of $$ on third-party plugins. REHub gives you tons of features and it’s all built into the theme.

Let me give you an example of why I love the REHub theme so much, and why I believe it’s so helpful to affiliate marketers.

One of my niche websites was earning me about $1000 a month at about 1.5 years old, running the REHub theme, of course. I decided to change the theme, and try to find a new design for my site. I was getting a little tired of that design and thought it was time for a change – not a good idea. 

I didn’t totally understand how connected earnings were with my website design – so I changed the theme, and the results were crazy.

Notice the chart below. I changed out the REHub theme at the end of July 2020.

My website earnings from Amazon dropped from $1204.30 a month to $763.88 a month, which is about a 40% decrease.

What does all this mean? This example shows how REHub is built for conversions. The design, charts, and call to actions are all strategically placed to make the sale – and it all works well.

Let’s take a moment and consider the “best lists” that can be created using the Gutenberg Blocks on REHub.

The designer of the REHub theme studied hundreds of offer listings and made a note of what worked, and what didn’t work. Using the data collected, he crafted his own “best lists tables” with a clean design that converts visitors into sales.

Notice below the TOP THREE WordPress themes for affiliate marketers.

REHub WordPress Theme Review: Real Life Example and Overall Thoughts

Rehub Theme Our top pick

The Rehub theme is the full package, giving you the ability to create websites that converts.
Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme
REHub WordPress Theme Review: Real Life Example and Overall Thoughts


Affiliate marketing is make easy with the Blurb Theme, it’s full of auto functional price comparison, review, coupon and market place categories.
Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme
REHub WordPress Theme Review: Real Life Example and Overall Thoughts


doo is a WordPress Affiliate Marketing Theme with the options to build a directory, coupon or discount site.
A WordPress Affiliate Marketing Theme

My experience is that REHub does have the potential to generate more income than your existing WordPress theme. The features that it offers will save you money, because you won’t have to purchase third-party plugins. It’s a sharp, clean design and REHub releases updates monthly, if not weekly.

The price is $59, and I found the support to be excellent. I needed a few tweaks with the design, and the REHub team quickly gave me a hand.

If you are looking for a “multipurpose” theme for your online business, then try out the REHub theme today.

I added a link below that takes you to themeforest.net, so you can check it out yourself.

REHub WordPress Theme

REHub is the best affiliate marketing theme on the market today. It’s fast, and conversion based. I saw a 40% increase in sales when I switched over to REHub.

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  1. 4.75

    Thanks for the sharing review of the Rehub theme.
    We also fond of it and your review is awesome and helpful for new users who are looking for theme.

    + PROS: Good Customization Convertable Blocks Lots of Demo Easy to use Gutenberg ready
    - CONS: Theme Option can improve
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  2. 5

    Hello, your superb article convinced me.
    I just installed this theme but I cannot activate the article templates.

    (different types of articles with this theme: regular, video, review, music and gallery)

    Could you help me ?
    thank you in advance
    Have a good day

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