iFetch Too Review: This Will Be Your Dog’s New Best Friend

August 26, 2020
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The iFetch Too Ball Thrower is the second version of the popular iFetch product. The iFetch Too now allows you to throw bigger balls and uses a rechargeable battery.

The machine allows you to train your dog to fetch and drop the ball into the self-feeder which means it’s totally automatic. Once your dog is trained in returning the ball you do not have to do anything at all.

What is iFetch?

The iFetch Too is a great machine for your dog

iFetch is a device that throws a ball for your dog to retrieve and return. It’s a great machine that can be used indoors and out.

The iFetch is a sleek looking machine that kind of looks like something that Super Mario would have to face during his quest to save the queen.

The iFetch has the option to adjust how far you want the ball to be thrown. If you are indoors you can throw the ball 10-20 feet, but if you are in a spacious backyard then you’d want to throw it maybe 40 feet.

Dogs Like to Play

It’s no secret that dogs want and need exercise. It is built into their natural behavior to chase moving objects that get their attention. This is because our domestic dogs have a high prey drive that has been inherited from their wolf ancestors.

Exercise is very important for any dog. The same as exercise is important to you. The health benefits that dogs receive from daily exercise is reducing digestive problems, helping hip joints and minimizing health problems down the road.

We all live busy lives, but dogs shouldn’t have to suffer because of our busy schedule. This is why a device like the iFetch is critical for our pets. The iFetch assists in our dog getting the exercise that they need with very little effort from us.

Why Use iFetch?

iFetch brings out the best in your dog. There are two important goals that are achieved by having iFetch.

  1. First, it helps to train your dog. The iFetch system is geniusly designed to allow your dog to chase after the ball and then return it again. This means that your pet will get continual exercise as long as your dog returns the ball. Also, it helps to form important habits into your dog.
  2. Your dog gets the exercise that it needs. This is the first priority that cannot be stressed enough. Dogs need regular exercise and the iFetch helps you achieve that goal.

What Makes iFetch Stand Out?

This newer version of the original ball thrower allows you to now throw larger balls. In May 2015, a Kickstarter was set up and 50,000 was raised for this project. The response was overwhelming and more than double of the money needed was raised.

The reason why people wanted this larger device was that they could use if for their German Shepherds, Border Collies or other larger dogs. These people saw the potential in this product and wanted to be part of its production from day one.

iFetch is one of the best ball throwers on the market

The newer version is larger than the previous model. In fact, it’s 2.4 inches taller. Balls can be shot 40 feet which is 10 feet more than the previous model.

The iFetch Too allows you to use normal sized tennis balls to launch which means you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo.

Another important feature that cannot be forgotten is that the newer version now has rechargeable batteries. Now you can use the machine for longer and it automatically shuts off when it’s not being used.

The iFetch Too is a little more rugged than the precious version. It’s build to be used and that a good thing. It has small grips on the thrower wheels that makes sure the ball is gripped correctly and that it’s launched as far as possible. When dogs return a ball it’s soaked from their saliva. Making sure the ball us still properly gripped makes all the difference in the world.

What Did We Like About the IFetch?

This is a great unit. I know that it’s receiving a lot of hype these days, but it’s all justified.

It’s Build Strong

This unit is a rugged machine. It’s built for use and we like that. Most comparable units are not as solid in their design. This is built to take a beating and last a long time.

It does what it’s advertised to do. It throws the ball far – 40 feet. In fact, it threw the ball across my lawn. My dog loves this machine.

A Healthy Pet

The iFetch allows you to train your dog, and this is critical. Why is this important? Once your dog is trained to fetch and return then it will enjoy hours of playtime using the iFetch.

This means that you can enjoy watching your dog have fun chasing a tennis ball across the yard and know that it is getting the exercise that it needs.

New and Improved

The changes that have been made from the previous models are a game-changer. With this new version, you get larger balls and longer throwing distances. This makes this machine beneficial to anyone that owns a dog.


The only complaint that people have with the iFetch is that it is a little loud. I find that it is a little loud when the motor is throwing the ball, but this can be expected.

People also don’t like that this device will auto-turn off after 60 seconds. This means that after 60-seconds if the ball is not returned it will turn the unit off. You would have to be there to turn it on for the dog to start using it again. It’s always important to make sure that pets are not left along with this machine anyways. You should be present when it’s being used.

Probably the largest complaint of all is that it’s not consistent in the throwing distances. Sometimes it throws far and other times it’s not so far.


Overall this is a great machine and one of the best ball throwers for your pet on the market today. The price for the iFetch Too is about $200 (give or take a little) and is competitive with other ball throwers.

We believe that this is a great unit and that you’ll love it and so will your dog. You can click on the links and check them out. We did the research for you and have given you the best price available online.

Also, if you own an iFetch let us know what you think about it. We would love to hear your feedback as it will help others make the best buyers decision.

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iFetch Too Review: This Will Be Your Dog’s New Best Friend

iFetch is a great machine for your pet. It allows you to train your dog to retrieve and return, and gives them the necessary exercise that they need every day.

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  • Uses Full-Size Tennis Balls
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Throws Up To 40 Feet
  • Rugged Design
  • Loud
  • 60-Second Shut Off
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