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The Easiest Way to Make Boiled Eggs: My Dash Egg Cooker Review

If you’re like me, then you really like having boiled eggs in the morning. I mean really like them! In fact, I probably eat boiled eggs 3 out of the ...

An Honest CarShield Review: Is It A Scam?

This review is a real-life situation where I decided to purchase CarShield for peace of mind and help during a breakdown. My thinking was simple: If I ...

Tips For Cleaning An Ice Maker

Portable ice makers get really dirty over time. When you see the dirt collecting inside your ice maker, your ice tastes weird or the ice isn’t as large as it ...

Should I Purchase a Nintendo Switch, PS5, or an Xbox One for my Kids?

It's the question that never stops being asked, "Which gaming system should I purchase for my kids?" Maybe your kids are begging you to purchase a ...

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Is The Keurig Duo Any Good? An Honest Review of the Keurig Duo

If you enjoy the coffee-pod life as much as I do, then you probably understand the short-comings of any single serve unit. The biggest CON with any single ...

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 Review

Presonus is a leader in audio equipment. The began in 1995, and from those humble beginnings have been developing innovative equipment for both novice and ...

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REHub WordPress Theme Review: Real Life Example and Overall Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is exploding in our world today. The fact that you can make a passive income by sitting at your laptop and building niche websites is ...

Should I get a Keurig or Coffee Maker?

Whenever you’re looking at buying a new product for your home and daily use, you want to do your research to ensure that you’re buying a product that best ...

The Top Five Mouthwashes to Use for Denture Care

Having dentures can mean discomfort and sore gums without the proper care. However, using the right mouthwashes will be a lifesaver for you and your ...

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NewAir Nugget Ice Maker Review: Now Enjoy Nugget Ice At Home

The other day we decided instead of buying a constant supply of nugget ice from Sonic Drive-Tru’s - why not purchase an ice maker that produces our own supply ...

The Best Face Mask for the Flu or Coronavirus

Our world goes from one crisis to another. Whether its scars, influenza, or coronavirus, there always seems to be something that we are fighting in our ...

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A Cinderella Solution Diet Review: Should You Purchase it?

Like most women in this country, you are looking for a proven, effective weight-loss program. A program that doesn't just promise results, but delivers on ...

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  6. I wonder how much he gets paid for that?

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