Are Smart Backpacks Any Good? Digging Through the Hype

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Ever felt that sliding a regular bag onto your back that merely allows you to carry your tech for your commute to work, your weekend getaway, or even that camping trip you’ve been meaning to take, leaves you wanting more.

It’s 2018, mere storage space is no longer enough to satisfy the tech savvy millennial generation – introducing Smart Backpacks, here to alleviate that feeling of technological isolation during your day-to-day.

For a mere three figure sum, in most but not all cases, you can equip yourself with a stylish Smart Backpack designed to integrate itself with all of your tech. needs.

Running late to a meeting, taking care of some last-minute business on the go – with a charger integrated Smart Backpack battery life woes are a worry of the past.

Tired of the exhausting exercise of removing your laptop from your carry-on luggage when going through security? I think that’s a resounding, yes, I hear. Then fret no more, with Smart Backpacks by your side, airport security will be able to scan your device from right inside your bag – an incredible time, and energy-saver.

As for your camping trip, you can keep your kindle ready and charged, with a handy nightlight for before bedtime reading.

Even catch those Instagram perfect pictures on your phone without it dying while listening to music during your ascent. All of it possible, because you got your hands on a Smart Backpack capable of keeping you plugged in and charged, and we’ll brush over the notion that you went camping to escape the tech saturated lifestyle you’ve become addicted to.

So, are Smart Backpacks helpful or hype? Well, one thing we can say with certainty is that they are a luxury.

But to those who can afford it, or whose line of work deem it a necessity to remain plugged in for prolonged periods of time, then they have the potential to be very helpful indeed.

Let’s look at some reasons why a Smart Backpack may assist you, in your day-to-day.

1. Technological Everyday

It’s no secret that we now find ourselves in a tech. saturated environment. If you’re working, you’re expected to keep on top of your emails, clients, schedule, partners, meetings, etc., all while on the go.

In some cases, battery life reliance is essential. Using a Smart Backpack alleviates this concern, by simply plugging in while moving from meeting-to-meeting.

A simple stress reliever, but certainly an effective one.

2. Security

We’ve all been guilty of a forgetful moment, leaving something behind at an event, or even our bag itself.

Well, there is now a Smart Backpack range designed to keep track of what you put inside it. Linked to an app. on your phone, it uses electronic tags to identify items you store in your bag and will send a notification should something be found missing.

The bag itself is hooked up with a GPS tracker, so during those rare but particularly forgetful moments, you’ll be able to reunite yourself once more with your precious Smart Backpack.

3. Green Energy

As tech hungry people, we’re particularly demanding in terms of energy use and capability.

So, the race for environmentally friendly energy options is an essential selling point. Smart Backpacks are no exception. There are selections which integrate a solar panel onto its back, woven into the fabric. This quite simple, yet creative, innovation is ideal for those keen on the outdoors – photographers, filmmakers, etc., required to be plugged in on in often remote locations.

4. Weather Resistant

Your first question – aren’t most bags? Well yes, is the answer.

However, most bags don’t have a hard outer-shell that is water-proof, shock-proof, and dust-proof, meaning your tech can join you trekking through even toughest terrain and challenging weather conditions, without affecting them in the slightest.

Not to mention the weather resistant, 20-watt speakers that accompany some of these Smart Backpacks – you’ll even be able to blast a motivational soundtrack to your trek while on route.

So are Smart Backpacks more helpful than they are hype – it’s safe to say they’re certainly offering an affordable compliment of modern technology, practical and green services, all packaged in a sleek design.

Given our technology intake on a daily basis, it’s an area that’s a luxury now but essential in the near future.

You could argue that you don’t need to carry this type of power with you at all times, but then again, it’s 2018 and technology is only going to progress as is our symbiotic relationship with it.

Smart Backpacks offer such a wide variety of complementary and affordable technologies in sleek and simple designs, justifying their price tags.

Of course, there are cheaper options – but if you’re going to invest in something this sophisticated then be prepared to get what you pay for.

While some Smart Backpacks are on the market for as little as $29.99, the vast majority containing more relevant tech. capabilities will cost you upwards of $100.00 – a scary number to some, but to those of you reliant on modern tech in your day-to-day, it will be a long-term investment you won’t regret.

Below are Amazon’s Best Available Smart Backpacks: 

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My top pick for the Outdoor Smart Backpack. SunKingdom allows you to charge your phone while in the middle of nowhere. Crazy tech!

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Just because we can. Our top pick for our Hiking Backpack. This little guy is pretty cool – His name is Bago. 

Let us know what you’re thinking . . . Seriously, We want to know!

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