Are Reusable Straws Any Good? We Investigate All The Latest Hype

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There is a lot of hype happening now on purchasing reusable straws. Saving our planet is important, and no one wants to see sea creatures hurt or killed because of our carelessness, but is using a reusable straw the answer.

As I was writing this article, I walked up the sidewalk to my house; you’re never going to guess what I saw. That’s right, a used straw.

A Used Straw In Front of My House

It was laying in the grass beside my house. Someone used the straw and either threw it out their window driving by or tossed it as they walked by.

500 million drinking straws are thrown away every day. This would be equivalent to 125 school buses filled with straws.

Wow! That’s incredible. It means that each person uses an average of 1.6 straws a day. Most of those straws end up in places where they should not be.

Like in front of my house on the grass.

Do you use a straw when you go to a restaurant or fast food? Most of us do.

So, why are reusable straws good? Well, it limits the number of straws in our garage. But it’s not only about the landfills.

Because of the number of straws that are wasted every day, we’re seeing massive amounts of straws in our waterways. This increase of used drinking straws in our waterways is affecting the natural habitat of thousands of sea life.

Is the answer to this increasing problem a reusable straw? That’s what I’m going to figure out.

There are several questions that I would like to answer before I go out and buy a reusable straw. So let’s look at each one of the questions that I have, and break them down. Let’s figure out if buying a reusable straw is worth all the hype it’s getting.

What are Reusable Straws made from?

So, reusable strays are made from a variety of materials, glass or stainless steel being the most popular. Other materials used to make reusable straws are bamboo and paper.

In my opinion, the glass straws are a little too brittle and could break in your purse or pocket.

The stainless steel straw is more sturdy and can take a pretty heavy beating.

Bamboo reusable straws are a smart idea but are not as practical as the stainless steel straws. The paper straws are a waste of money because they get soft and mushy over time.

Which reusable straw you choose will be determined by your use, design and overall opinion.

Are Reusable Straws Hygienic?

Are reusable straws hygienic is the next question that I want to answer. The answer to this question is yes and no.

If you do not clean out your reusable straw, it will begin to form a residue on the inside lining of the straw. Most reusable straws have a little brush that you can use to clean it after use, but I would assume that most people don’t use it.

A quick rinse won’t always do the trick.

If a reusable straw is used over and over again without being probably cleaned, then it will get nasty inside.

You need to make sure that it’s cleaned after every use before it’s put away.

Please note that this does take extra effort on your part, and most people are not willing to take the additional steps to make sure the straw is free from bacteria and germs. If you’re not willing to clean it regularly, then don’t bother getting one.

Cleaning the straw may be a hassle, but it’s essential to do so.

Are Reusable Straws Good?

I can get really lazy.

Don’t point fingers at me because I know you’re the same way.

I sure there are those that will take the effort to clean the straw and make sure that the straw is ready for use again.

Are Reusable Drinking Straws Any Good?

I just know I don’t think I’m that person.

I’m notorious for always forgetting my stuff; I have a feeling, that just when I need that little sucker – I’m not going to have it on me.

Now, there is a fix to this. It’s getting a reusable straw that attaches to your keys or belt. It’s a super idea!

I think that it does solve the issue that I would have with using a reusable straw.

You can click here and head over to Amazon and check out A great collapsable straw with a keychain.

You’re going to love it!

Collapsable Straw with Case

Reusable straws are a great concept.

Rewiring people’s brain is hard. When we have done something for so many years, it’s hard to start doing it another way.

When people come together to make a difference, it’s always questioned and looked at as strange.

Change can feel a little strange at first. But with every step, we begin to see a big difference in our world, and that’s what it’s all about.

Help or Hype

A reusable straw is a small step in a larger goal. I think it’s worthy of the hype.

Do you know what else is worthy of the hype? The cause.

Looking after our planet is something we all should get involved in, and start doing our part.

Even if it means buying a $20 reusable straw.

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