Make Money With A MLM Business? Know Their Secret Before You Start

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There is a whole lot of hype these days with MLM businesses. Along side that hype are people saying that it’s an excellent opportunity to make money from home.

Let’s dig through that hype and find the truth.

Now, I’m all for making money from home. A passive income source is vital if you’re looking at preparing for the future. It was Warren Buffet which once said that if you don’t make money while you sleep you’re going to be working until you die.

We must learn how to make passive income.

That’s so true.

So, when people talk about making money at home or passive income, people begin to listen. That’s where all the hype has developed over MLM companies and the possibility of making money from home.

There is just one problem with MLM businesses – you see there is a secret about MLM companies that they don’t want you to know.

It’s so juicy that it may completely change your opinion about starting that home business.

Before we get to the biggest hidden secret that MLM businesses don’t want you to find out, I want to take some time and talk a little about the hype of MLM businesses, because it’s huge.

MLM model businesses are a 170 billion dollar industry. There are millions of people that are involved with MLM business and 10’s of millions that are joining every year.

The beginning of MLM seems to have its origins way back into the early 1940s. Carl Rehnborg, while in China, discovered the benefits of vitamins to our everyday life.

When Carl Rehnborg got back to America, he created a company that he called The California Vitamin Company. In 1939, Carl rebranded the company as Nutrilite.

It was six years later, that he created the MLM payment structure to help speak the word about his business. I guess the rest is history.

The Biggest MLM Hidden Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

You can buy a lot of things today with the MLM model. You can purchase essential oils, health products, makeup and beauty products, kitchen products and so much more.

In fact, in a 2006 Yahoo poll, two-thirds of US citizens want to start making money from home with an MLM company.

This is insane!

It’s everywhere on the internet, and you seem to be always approached by people asking if you’d like to join their tribe and make money from the comfort of home.

Facebook is filled with live videos of people trying to make the next big sale. And family members keep bugging you to sign up under them.

There is no doubt that the MLM hype is at its all-time high in popularity.

It has everyone talking about it and everyone wanting to be a part of it. The question that I want to answer is should someone join and can you make money?

I read an interesting article the other day. Someone made this statement about the MLM home business or the MLM system. They said that the MLM system is not hype and that if someone wanted to make money with MLM, they could – if they don’t make money, then it’s not the system that’s broken but the person.

In other words, you have to try harder. Reach a little deeper and find that champion inside you – what if the system is broken?

What if the system is designed to plateau? What if when the MLM opportunity finally reaches you the chances of success is less than 10%?

Okay, here is what I believe is the biggest MLM hidden secret that MLM businesses don’t want you to know. It’s success percentages, and they are not in your favor.

Less than 6% of people who are involved in an MLM business make more than 6,000 a year.

That’s horrible.

That means that 94% of the people that start out trying to make money with an MLM company make $6,000 a year or less. If you’re looking for a hobby, then this is great! If you are looking for a passive income, then don’t expect it to be your full-time income anytime soon.

Why do so many people who start an MLM company fail? I do believe it’s because the system is flawed. But how?

Hear me out. Let me give you some reasons why I think making money with an MLM company is going to be very difficult.


It’s hard to find enough hours in the day to do what we need to do and now you’re going to manage sales people? Creating a team and managing downline takes more work than you’re led to believe.

Also, it’s not passive at all. You have to manage it continually, or it will die. Spending hours working on a home business takes away from the purpose of even looking to join an MLM business to begin with.

It’s great that you love the cause and you’re a fan of the products but how are these things going to build you a passive income that will help you retire happy? It won’t.


Another problem with the MLM model is duplication. This is when you begin to fight over customers to get signed up or purchase your products.

Usually the first to market get all of the hot leads, and everyone else is fighting over the scraps. This can cause friction among friends and family.

There are only so many friends that we have.

I bought a product from an MLM consultant once and was accused of being inconsiderate by family members because I didn’t buy it from them. This is not how shopping is supposed to work!

People become so personal about making the next sale or signing someone up under them that they become angry and treat it as rejection when someone says no. There are only so many customers that they know, and there are so many consultants looking for a piece of the pie.

The only way to become successful with MLM is to be the one to introduce the product and build a large downline.

Your Downline

The last part that I detest about an MLM model is the downline. You are not in control of your own success.

Downlines mean no downtime.

I heard the other day of a struggling MLM consultant that was angry with their sales team (downline) for not making sales. They were upset because her income was starting to shrink because of it.

Don’t depend on others for your success. Isn’t that the purpose of starting your own business? A downline is not the way for you to create a stable passive income.

Okay. Now that I have this off my chest, I wanted to give you some information that isn’t hype but has helped me build a real online business from home.

When I started on my journey to make money online, I came across a website called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything that I needed to know about how to build a real passive income online without downlines or even products.

I hope that this article was a help. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of the hype of MLM business.

If you have any comments or questions, please type them below. Check out Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make money online today.

Let us know what you’re thinking . . . Seriously, We want to know!

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