Should I Purchase a Nintendo Switch, PS5, or an Xbox One for my Kids?

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It’s the question that never stops being asked, “Which gaming system should I purchase for my kids?”

Maybe your kids are begging you to purchase a particular gaming system or game, but you are not convinced that it’s the right one for them.

We’re here to break it all down.

When choosing the right gaming system for your children, there are several factors that you need to know and that’s what we’re going to cover in this article.

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Okay, let’s dig into which gaming system you should purchase for your kids.

Xbox and Playstation are for an Older Demographic

First, the Xbox and Playstation consoles are mostly designed for an older demographic.

When gaming really started to take off (it started in the ’70s), in the early 1990s, we found a generation that couldn’t put the controller down. Today the video game industry is a 100 billion dollar industry, featuring systems, games, gear, and clothing. It all started with Super Mario Brothers and then flourished into an undying love for any adventure game you could get your hands on.

Xbox and Playstation were following the trends of the day and saw a gaming generation leave the Mario Party and pick up games like Gears of War, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.


There is no doubt that these games are more mature in rating than those beloved Nintendo games long ago, and that’s the way these systems want it. In fact, there are only a handful of games on the Xbox and Playstation that are actually kid-friendly. Don’t overreact, there are games for kids on the Xbox! Just not as many as a Switch.

I will say that sports games are more popular on the Xbox and Playstation than on the Switch.

The average age of users on the Xbox is 33 years old, and the average age of users on the Playstation is 28 years old. This should tell you that the marketing, games, and hype that surround the Xbox and Playstation are all directed toward older adults and not kids.

The Nintendo Switch is Aimed at Everyone

The Nintendo Switch is different. The average age of people using the Nintendo Switch is between 19-34. Yet, most of the games available on the Switch can be played by kids.

There are a lot of featured games that can be played with the entire family. Our family loves playing Mario Kart, Mario Party, Animal Crossing, or Clubhouse Games.

Marty Party for the Switch is more then hype

The most popular games on the Switch are designed for families and kids. These games are Animal Crossing, Fortnite Battle Royale, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Super Mario Maker 2.

I own an Xbox and a Switch. Finding kid-friendly games for my kids on the Xbox is extremely difficult, if not impossible. On the other hand, there are so many game options for kids on the Switch. If you want a larger gaming selection for your kids (especially if they are younger), than I would choose the Switch.

Nintendo Switch is Travel Friendly

Taking it with you isn’t possible in death, but it is possible with the Switch and a road trip. You’ll be glad (for your own sanity), that your kids can use the Switch during a long trip to their Grandparents, and you don’t have to wait until they finish their game to leave – you just pull it out of the dock and you’re ready to go.

Nintendo Switch is Portable

The Switch is a gaming system and tablet in one, and that’s why it’s so popular – no other gaming system transforms into a portable gaming device.

It’s not just a portable gaming system, it’s a portable gaming system that works well – and that’s important. The Switch looks just as good on your TV as it does sitting in your car – this is what separates it from the Xbox and the Playstation.

Playstation and Xbox have Better Graphics

It’s no secret that the Playstation and Xbox are better when it comes to resolution. The Xbox One S boasts a 4K resolution, and the Switch has HD –   1,280 x 720 (portable) 1,920 x 1,080 (console).

Yet, it doesn’t matter, because the games on the Switch are not really designed for high resolution. Does it really matter if Mario Kart is 4K? Nope; It’s great just the way it is.

Sports games need good graphics to be successful, and sports games do well on the Xbox and Playstation. If your child is looking for a particular sport game for their gaming system then I would begin looking at Xbox or Playstation.

When it comes to graphics both systems work well in their own way.

They All Cost the Same

As far as price is concerned, there is no real winner. All three systems are going to cost you almost the same, give or take a couple of bucks.

Each system will cost you about $250-300.

My Conclusion

When choosing a gaming system for your kids it all comes down to being practical. You have to push away all that advertising hype that surrounds all of the gaming systems, and choose the one that works for you.

Do you want a gaming system that carries more games that are kid-friendly, than you should purchase the Switch. It’s portable, fun and entertaining for the whole family.

If you are looking for a system that carries the more mature games or the big hits in the gaming world, then you’ll have to lean toward an Xbox or Playstation.

I hope that this article helps, and that it guides you in the right direction in choosing the right system for your home.

Leave your comments below on which system you’re going to buy for your kids and why, we’d love to know your feedback.

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