The Top Five Mouthwashes to Use for Denture Care

September 3, 2020
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Having dentures can mean discomfort and sore gums without the proper care. However, using the right mouthwashes will be a lifesaver for you and your mouth.  

There are various benefits of adding mouthwash to your daily routine, whether it’s first thing in the morning, before bed, or both.

Fixodent Gum Care Rinse

Fixodent Gum Care cleans and protects your gums.

Oral-B Mouth Sore

Specially formulated for mouth sores, including: canker sores, cheek bites, braces & denture irritations, oral & gum irritations

Hello Extra Freshening

Say hello to activated charcoal (made from sustainable bamboo), nature’s way to epically whiten teeth, and freshen your breath like nobody’s business.

H2Ocean Arctic Ocean Rinse Mouthwash

.Recommended sea salt mouthwash by dentists which contains xylitol and is alcohol and fluoride free.

Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets

Efferdent Complete Clean Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser Tablets provide a 5-in-1 system to clean full-plate dentures, partials, retainers and other dental appliances.

Mouthwash provides added protection against harmful bacteria that live between your teeth, on your tongue, in-between your gums and dentures. Simply using mouthwash will help fight off bad breath, tooth decay, and plaque buildup and can even prevent gum disease.   

The top recommended brands of mouthwash for your denture care are Fixodent, Oral-B Mouth Sore, Hello Extra Freshening, and Moisturizing, H20cean Arctic Ocean Mint, and Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets.

Each brand offers protection of the gums, kills germs, and provides cool refreshing sensations. However, each brand offers unique qualities to better assist your direct needs.

For example:    

  • Fixodent is a well-known and top-rated product worldwide when it comes to caring for your mouth and dentures. It offers a multitude of products including, but not limited to a mouthwash that keeps your breath smelling fresh and kills off any harmful bacteria from food particles, saliva, and just everyday wear.   
  • The Oral-B Mouth Sore mouthwash is specifically designed to treat mouth sores from canker sores to gum and cheek irritations from braces or dentures. The formula in Oral-B Mouth Sore cleans out the open wounds in your mouth to provide pain relief and help fight against infection.   
  • Hello, Extra Freshening and Moisturizing is an all-natural product and is gluten-free which benefits those with gluten allergies. Their mouthwash is made up of hemp seed oil and coconut oils to help protect against everyday bacteria and moisturize your gums to help prevent any sores from developing.  
  • If you’re experiencing symptoms of dry mouth H20cean will help alleviate and help prevent the return of dry mouth using xylitol. This helps to avoid any sores where your dentures may sit and rub your gums. Their mouthwash is a sea salt water base without the bad after taste.  
  • Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets isn’t a typical mouthwash. Efferdent offers cleanings directly to your dentures and other dental utensils. You simply place a cleanser tablet into water and then place your dentures inside and the cleaning process begins. Efferdent not only cleans your dentures but will whiten and remove stains, removes plaque build-up, and will remove other particles that could cause an irritation or mouth sore. 

These brands of mouthwash are just a few that offer proper dental hygiene to help protect your overall oral hygiene and health.  

There are said to be many connections to oral health and your overall health as your mouth holds and creates bacteria, most of the time it’s harmless. However, some bacteria in your mouth can cause health issues like tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath just to name a few.

Your mouth is the front door to your body, it’s the main point of entrance to your digestive systems and respiratory system, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself.

Bacteria can be contained by simply brushing and flushing your teeth for the most part, but the use of mouthwash will add an extra barrier of protection. The same applies for dentures, it is highly recommended to still brush your gums and tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush while soaking your dentures in mouthwash, or use denture cleanser tablets such as Efferdent. 

There have been many studies on how proper dental hygiene affects your overall health. And, as with every study, there are pros and cons related to using mouthwash as part of your daily routine. 

The advantages Vs. Disadvantages of using mouthwash 


  1. Fights off cavities – Any mouth wash that has fluoride can help reduce the decay of teeth and the start of cavities.  
  2. Prevents gum disease – Mouthwash that contains anti-plaque will help fight access gum diseases like gingivitis.  
  3. Whitens your teeth – The well-known brands such as Crest 3D and Colgate offer mouth wash with a bleaching agent to help remove stains and prevent new stains from occurring leaving you with a whiter and brighter smile.  
  4. Helps with sensitivity – Many people suffer from sensitive teeth but, using toothpaste and mouthwash that has Arginine will help relieve some of that. Arginine will help repair the enamel and fill in any spots that are causing the sensitivity. 
  5. Mouthwash can also help soothe aches and pains from cankers, mouth sores, and more. 


Now, most studies have shown that most disadvantages of using mouthwash comes from the alcohol content. 

  1. Some studies have said using mouthwash can cause oral cancer 
  2. Mouthwashes with a higher alcohol level and can dissolve the enamel on your teeth which makes them more vulnerable to sensitivity and cavities, and increases the likelihood of this happening to you.
  3. Irritates sores 
  4. And, the use of mouthwash will mask bad breath; however, if you don’t properly brush your teeth or remove and soak your dentures it will not prevent other oral hygiene issues still leaving you at risk. 


Studies have also said that the use of mouthwash right after brushing your teeth or cleaning your dentures can remove/wash away the ingredients that help keep them strong.

All studies that have been done on the mouth all come to the same conclusions. The higher the alcohol percentage in the mouthwash you’re using can do more harm. To reap the benefits of mouthwash, find and use one that is alcohol-free.  

Many people don’t realize that taking care of your dentures is just as important as taking care of your teeth.

Dentures, much like teeth, can hold bacteria, cause infections, and impact your health.

You should always remove dentures and soak them with a cleaning agent or mouthwash to keep them fresh and clean. And, you should also rinse after eating whenever you have a chance. You want to ensure that you’re always cleaning your tongue, cheeks, teeth, or gums when you remove your dentures. 

Overall, every product and person is different and what works for one, might not have the same effect for others.

You can try different brands of mouthwash and find the one that works best for you. It should help improve your oral hygiene and always leave you feeling clean.

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