Cool Desk and Office Accessories - Coolness Are Great Conversation Starters

Cool Desk and Office Accessories – Coolness is a Great Conversation Starter

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​I went on a mission the other day. It was a mission to search the internet and make my office cool again. I wanted to add some personality to something that can quickly and easily become stale.

I believe it's essential to add some coolness to our office - when people walk in, we want excellent conversation starters.

"What is that?"

"Where in the world did you find that?"

"Oh, that is sooo cool."

You get the idea, right? We want to add some coolness to something that can lean toward boring. I'm not talking about your in-laws - I'm talking about your office.

For some excellent desk accessories take a look at our collection here.

Offices are made to stand out. It's time to take your office back with these cool accessories. We have some neat accessories for men, woman and even kids. All of these cool desk accessories will add the flair you need to your office space.

LEGO Architecture New York City 21028, Skyline Collection, Building Blocks

LEGO Architecture New York City 21028, Skyline Collection, Building Blocks

Lego is not just for kids. This particular Lego architecture of New York City will sure get the conversations running. The model features the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center.

You could hang up a dull image of New York City, or you can be transported into the action with this great keepsake.

Document Dunk - The Trashcan Basketball Hoop For Office All-Stars

Document Dunk - The Trashcan Basketball Hoop For Office All-Stars
Document Dunk - The Trashcan Basketball Hoop For Office All-Stars

Do you produce a lot of trash? Why not get rid of it like the all-stars with this basketball net document dunk.

I can see offices all over the world making garbage on purpose so that they can try and get nothing but net.

This plastic basketball net with a wooden frame and nylon net comes ready to fold up when not in use.

The document dunk is the best way to add some coolness to your cubicle.



This is something that makes a lot of sense - seriously. Take a moment and picture this in your mind. You make a sand castle for your office with this Coolsand.

Coolsand is cool because it only sticks to its self. It's also safe (I wouldn't eat it) and doesn't make that much of a mess. It's squeezable sand that feels neat to use.

This is what you need to do in your office. Take some of this CoolSand and place it on a shelf in your office. Mould something wonderful with the sand, like a sand castle, and have it out for display. Think about the conversation starters when someone walks into your office and spots the sand object - wow! What a moment that will be. 

TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port

TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port

This makes a lot of sense. This desk lamp, armed with something that every single lamp (Everything) needs, a USB port will give the awe factor your office needs.

How simple will it be to plug your phone into your lamp instead of searching for the cord or USB square, and eventually just giving up because you have no idea where it is.

This desk lamp is the perfect lamp for your desk - heck, it's the perfect lamp for my desk.

It has a 3 level dimmer; its energy star rated, and has a swinging neck for multi-directional use.

Plus, save money with its 3-watt energy consumption.

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion With 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is annoying. It keeps us up at night and keeps us from doing what we love.

One cool office accessory is this memory foam lumbar support cushion. It may not have the same excitement as the other items I have listed, but it still is a great accessory - and it's still cool.

This breathable and washable mesh cover allows the air to circulate through so that it's comfortable to use.

The LoveHom Memory Foam Lumbar support Cushion would make a great office gift.

Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition

Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition
Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition

This idea is brillant! Every office needs ones of these lamps/table/shelf/charging station.

With our overuse of electronics in society, you can never get enough USB ports to charge your devices. This elegant, modern looking shelve with a lamp is just what you need for your office.

Quickly charge your phone, iPad or laptop with built-in places to store your devices while they charge.

Overall, this is a very attractive stand and at the same time very practical.

Jerdon Lighted Makeup Mirror

Jerdon Lighted Makeup Mirror

Ladies, this one is for you. It's a stylish makeup mirror that gives you 5x magnification.

It includes four settings for daytime, evening home and at the office. One thing that separates this mirror from all the others on the market is that it comes with a built-in electrical outlet.

You can plug a curling iron or another device in this 120-volt outlet that's built right into this mirror.

Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer

Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer

An office is a busy place. Having a steamer on hand is more than just cool; it's needful. Giving shirts and suit coats steam to remove unwanted wrinkles, helps you always to look your very best.

I think that every office should have a garment steamer available, and the Rowenta Master Valet is one of the best. This high rated steamer is 1550 watts and has a built-in hanger.

With one tank of water, you get one hour of continuous steam. You can easily transport this steamer with its tilt and roll system, and the removable tank makes filling it with water a breeze.

The steamer comes with several accessories and provides you with a lot of steam to get the job the done.

AmazonBasics Security Safe - 0.5-Cubic Feet

AmazonBasics Security Safe - 0.5-Cubic Feet

If you are in need of a safe for your office or home - this is the best option. It's features and price make this your absolute best choice online.

This half a cubit foot security safe with electronic lock and two emergency override keys gives that extra security that you need.

It has 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges so that you can rest assured that your belongings are safe inside. 

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