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Does Nair Work? A Comprehensive Review

Does Nair Work? A Comprehensive Review
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I remember when I was first introduced to Nair many years ago. I was in college, and a friend of mine wanted to treat his severely hairy chest. For him, Nair was his best option.

Nair has been around for a very long time. It’s one of the top depilatory creams on the market.

Does Nair Work? Will You Be Smooth or Lose?

Church & Dwight manufacture Nair, and it was purchased from Carter-Wallace in 2001.

Nair has had several different slogans over the years, “The Less That You Wear, the More You Need Nair!”; “Like Never Before”; and “We wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts.”

We started digging into this favorite product by searching real customer reviews, video testimonies, complaints, claims and everything that we could find to get to the truth of whether Nair was worth buying at all.


Depilatory Creams are designed to dissolve the hair at the surface of the skin. This is an inexpensive alternative to shaving.

Two of the active ingredients in Nair are calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) and sodium hydroxide (lye). These ingredients raise the PH of hair, and break it down. Most of the time, products that contain these two ingredients also add mineral oil (Such as grapeseed oil) to offset the harsh elements.

Usually, depilatory creams work great with no problem at all, but sometimes it can cause ingrown hairs or skin rashes. Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s hard to know how your body will respond to any cream you put on it.


The claims that using their product will leave your skin soft, moisturized and hair-free. Nair claims that their product will remove hair in less than 5 minutes.

They say that their products are easy to use and that it’s mess free. This is confirmed by the countless reviews that we sorted through. Most people said that it was a mess-free process and that it was straightforward to use the product.

The directions, ingredients and all the information that you are going to need is included with the product.


Nair has a lot of different products, so it’s hard to give you an exact price. According to the Amazon store, the prices range from $15-$25.

The price is going to be different from retailer to retailer and according to which Nair product you want to purchase.


Nair offers a lot of different products for men and woman alike.

Nair for men claims to give you a smoother surface than shaving, and that it can be used on your back, chest, stomach, arms, underarms, legs and ankles. Ankles? Are they kidding? Do people have hairy ankles? I guess that’s a thing.

Nair for men is dermatologist-tested, with exfoliating and moisturizing properties, and it’s a one-step program – in other words, it’s easy to use.

Nair has so many different products that it’s hard to count. From products with grapeseed oil to a formula designed for sensitive skin.

I also noticed that they have wax stripes for women with moisturizing properties, face cream, spa clay body cream, several cocoa butter products, bikini cream, shower cream and so many more.

You name it and they probably have it.


The major attraction for purchasing Nair is that you don’t have to pick up a razor. If you’re someone (man or woman) that hates shaving because of those dreaded razor burns or nicks, then Nair is going to be appealing to you.

You take the Nair cream and apply it to your skin. You wait the allotted time, and then scrap it off. As you scrap of the Nair cream, your hair will come off as well.

According to the claims, using Nair means your hair will take longer to grow back. This makes sense; you’re dissolving the hair follicles at the source instead of cutting them off. Nair leaves your body smooth and hair-free.

With Nair, there is no more dealing with sharp razors or making sure that you have a close shave.

A simple process that gives you great results, or does it? Does Nair actually work?


There is no doubt that Nair does, to a point, what it’s advertised to do. It does remove hair, but it’s not as consistent as you may think.

Several people experienced different results using the product for the first time. According to our research, some noticed that it took more than one applications to remove all the hair. In some case, those with thicker hair, it took three or more applications. Some people said that if you have thicker hair than shaving would be the fastest route for you to choose.

There were others that experienced an itchy rash after using the product. Please note that if you have sensitive skin, Nair sells a product that is designed to be more comfortable on your skin.

Others loved the product, and said that their hair came off in less than 10 minutes. They also said that the product left their skin feeling silky smooth.

We searched and dug, and this is what we came up for our final thoughts.


Does Nair work? Well, the answer is yes and no. What I mean by that answer is that there was such a wide verity of results that it was hard to know for sure if Nair is going to work for you.

Here are some sample reviews from real people, and we can show you what we mean.

  • doesn’t work
  • works great
  • save your money
  • five stars
  • it’s good stuff
  • works
  • not strong enough

The great news is that Nair isn’t a significant investment, and if you hate shaving then you may want to take the leap and see how it works for you.

With their wide range of products, I am sure that you will be able to find a product that will work for you.

If you are someone that enjoys shaving (If that person exists), then read my review on the Dollar Shave Club and if it’s worth your money.

9.1 Total Score
Nair Hair Remover

Nair Hair Remover is used to easily remove unwanted hair from your body.

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Usability - Is It Easy to Use?
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